Development in WINTOP

·Talents Strategy

Talents are precious wealth of Wintop.

Wintop always attaches great importance to talents and offers them enough space to show themselves. Wintop sticks to the rule of "cherish talent, use talent, train talent", and follows the competitive mechanism of "The best one take the position, the middle one make room for the best one; the worst one leaves the position". Wintop attracts and maintains the talents through career, benefits, and sensibilities. As a talent, you will always find a stage to exhibit your skills and knowledge in Wintop.

Wintop pursues management conception of "Man is the basic factor of the enterprises; Everything should comply with law and regulations", insists on the management measures of "clear classification between rights and obligations; competence equal to position, reasonable salary and reward" and offers employees a good business stage.

Wintop practices the competition mechanism of recruiting employees, revives deposited talents and selects excellent talents, realizes effective development and reasonable collocation of human resource by the way of interior competing and exterior sourcing.

Our company sets up a complete motivating mechanism of attracting, training and applying talents. As exerting measures of salary & welfare, training, title assessing, etc, Wintop are consistently improving employees¡¯ quality and optimizing employees' construction.

Wintop will make every staff useful. In Wintop, whether as a worker or a technician, whatever your position is, you will be assigned important task if you have genuine skill and knowledge. The leaders of Wintop always regard themselves a part of the group, instead of Savior. Wintop announces to all talents: " Provide you space, let you display yourself until you find your talents are lacked as to the space."