Doing business with us

Policy for Joining in Wintop

In order to set up sound business relationship, our company set some qualifications for the one who want to be our agent.
1.We hope the agent owns modern operating idea, strong marketing ability and fine interior managing skill. They should be acquainted with Electronic products, with good fame and go on well with local functional department.
2. We hope the agent has modern entrepreneur managing mode, clear constructions, defined function & position and long term developing plan.
3. We hope the salesmen of the agent should be familiar with electric knowledge, has good culture background, quality of working hard and high sales proficiency.

Applying Steps:
Applying by visit or call
handing in application
Full discussion
Signing the agreement
Marketing inspection: Inspecting the market
Marketing Plan: Instructions for orders and decorations, etc
Instruction and training before operating: training and instructing by experters
Signing formal sales agreement: signing formal contract, issuing authorization letter
Operating market: Instructions for promotional activities and operating

Capital Ability:

Projects Province Capital, Municipality prefecture-level city
Operating System No limited No limited
Operationg Capital Over RMB150, 000( Nominated Amount for nominated purpose) Over RMB100, 000( Nominated Amount for nominated purpose)
Professional Salesmen 4 to 6 people 3 to 4 people
Operating Area Displaying area over 30 square meters Displaying area over 30 square meters
Location With professional market shop or near to professional market With professional market shop or near to professional market
Service With truck to ship goods With truck to ship goods
Other projects Decoration Materials, Low voltage electrics, lighting appliances. Decoration Materials, Low voltage electrics, lighting appliances.

Agree On Ideas:
The agent of Wintop should agree on relative ideas of brand operating and would like to pay his whole attention to operating Wintop electrical products. The speciality store should comply with rules of "Uniform Brand, Uniform Image, Uniform Supply, Uniform Service, Uniform Price, Uniform management".

Managing Ability:
The agent should have relative managing ability or appoint staff to deal with daily events of
the speciality store.
1. Assure the normal business of the store.
2. Display the goods and shopping windows as required, and offer good shopping environment for the customer,
3. Keep in touch with Head quarters, fax kinds of sales and stock report on time, guarantee reasonable stock, avoid out of stock, and decrease the overstock.
4. Recruit, train and manage sales guide as requests of head quarters; Improve brand publicity by sound working attitude.
5. Make enough preparations for opening of new stores.

Store Preparation
1. Shall be shorefront on the street near to market of architecture materials.
2. the area of store shall be no less than 30 square meters, the width of the storefront should be no less than 3.5 meters.
3. Prepare necessary business files such as Business licenses, Revenue Registration etc.
4. The store shall be equipped with related water, electricity, telecom etc facilities.
5. If not possessed by the agent, the lease of the store shall be no less than 2 years.
6. Head quarter will assess according to related store evaluation standards.

Intention Agreement For Cooperation
Party A: Wintop International Industrial Co., Ltd.
Party B:
Though amicable negotiation by and between A & B, whereas both parties intend to franchise and
open Wintop Electric Franchise store, Party A and Party B consent and agree with below terms and conditions:

1. Party A grants Party B to open franchise store at ___ road, __ city, __ province, with the size of __ square meters. (The exact size is subject to standards on Business Manuals by Party A).

2. Party B shall pay for an amount of guarantee deposit at rmb__. The intention guarantee will transfer to contract guarantee after both parties sign the formal contract.

3. Prior to signature of the formal contract, party B shall not open franchise store or do any business activities without Wintopí»s permission.

4. During effective time of intention agreement, Party A shall not sign agreement with other company or individual within the same territory.

5. This intention agreement shall be indicated to only the intention of cooperation. Party A will not
make any promise.

6. The effective time of this agreement is __ days (from the date both parties set their hands on the agreement). Should overdue the time, this agreement will be out of validity voluntarily.

7. Should Party B not desire to open the store when Party A recognizes it after market inspection, Party A will confiscate the intention guarantee deposit. Should Party A not deem Party B qualified, deducted the related inspection expense, the balance will return to Party B. Should Party B open the business successfully, Party A will bear the inspection expense.

8. This agreement is made out in 2 original copies, one copy to held by each party.

Signature of Two parties.

Brand Support
Global uniform Wintop brand, legal intellectual property rights, strong brand impact, Wintop China will divide the districts strictly, warrant the territory franchising rights of the franchisee.

Products Support
1. Product developing ahead, enough product stock warrant franchisee not out of stock.
2. Global uniform quality control standards guarantee global uniform quality.
3. Reasonable price, high profit space.
4. Directly affiliated franchise store will enjoy the service of changing the products. Reduce the risk of franchisee to zero. During provided time, current season products can change with products of same kind in 100% ( The time for changing the switches is no more than 300 days after the head quarter release the products.)

Store image support
1. Own complete vision system for Wintop Brand.
2. Offer uniform Store image design ideas and windows display projects on free depending on conditions of different stores.
3. Head quarter provides uniform promotional products with the style of Wintop at the cost price.
4. Store sale guider shall wear uniform costume. The display boards in the store shall comply with vision system standards strictly.

Marketing training Support
Wintop Head Quarter will supply franchisees different training files such as product manuals, Enterprise leaflet, Service Brochure, etc, and will provide various business training of brand, product, sales skills, promoting strategy, etc knowledge on a regular basis.

Customer Service Support
1. Establish uniform files, organize promotional activities within customers on conditions.
2. Apply code anti-forgery system, improve customerí»s brand confidence.
3. Issue VIP card, marks card, etc, strength post sale service.
4. Prepare to set up Wintop Top Club, editing member brochure, cultivate customer loyalty.

Advertising Support
1. Publish Wintop Image Ads on electric newspaper and magazine yearlong, release new product information to promote Wintop Electric products.
2. Will provide uniform promoting strategy when new store opens, new products releases or other important festivals.
3. Offer product brochure, poster, promoting gifts etc promotional materials.
4. Offer Uniform Ads design, make various media and press products.

Are expecting you, with sight, with power, with idea,
Join in with us, strong with strong
Create the miracle in the field of electric industry.

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