About Wintop - Switch to the future.

Based on European Design and Technology, Wintop Electric provides not only the best selling switches and sockets of Future Ivory, Venus Wooden, Athene Antraciet series for DIY consumers; but also the patented innovative remote control dimmers and z-wave communication outlets of Lux Metal, Tablet Glass, Lotus Silver smarthome series for designers and electric technician. Wintop is the world famous brand for electric installation material and home automation system, bring us to the Future Life.

Wintop's world class ISO9001 certificated factory is located in Shanghai, and it has covered the Global market with the Global Service Office's nice teamwork and the pursuit of perfection Global Standard Quality products, which are under the approval of Kema, NF, FIMKO, SEMKO, BS, UL, CCC, CE, CB, FCC, R&TTE, or tested by Wintop's IEC standard laboratory.

Wintop's LEAN production and objective logistics system, builds JIT delivery capability to global shelves, and To commit To care To complete the wishes of global consumers.

For more information about Wintop--a Thinking,Working and Advancing company, please visit www.wintop.com.

Wintop, Switch to the future.